Growing up I spent my days charging round the British countryside on the back of a slightly unstable pony and I always knew it was what I was born to do. There’s nowhere I feel more at home then on the back of a horse. After studying Equine Studies at college I went to work as the assistant manger of a successful London riding school. However it has always been my goal to truly understand the horses I work with, to learn to speak their language. So I decided to go on really an adventure that has not only completely changed the way I work with horses but also myself.


I have dedicated the last 4 years to exploring the horse world and the different trainers and types of horses there are. I started my journey in Canada learning how to communicate with horses in a new way and in a way that is natural to them, it completely changed the way I work with horses. From Canada I moved to Argentina  working as the trainer for a yard in western Argentina. I spent my time re-training race horses for showjumping, breaking in young thoroughbreds and working with problem horses. It was the perfect place to explore new techniques and start to create my own style of training. After a year and a half I left Argentina and moved to Germany to work as a rider for Paul Schockemöhle, well I’m not sure there’s many other places you’ll find such a large quantity of amazing horse people all in one yard, working as a rider there I was able to learn so much not just from my superiors but my co workers too. 

Most recently I've been working in Malta, not a place you naturally think of when you think of horses but it has been there that I’ve been able to work with a completely new type of horse. In Malta the majority of the horses are Standardbreds , harness racing horses. Ive always said that different horses will teach you as much as different trainers and this really was the case. Working with these horses allowed me once again to develop on my techniques and ability to completely re teach a horse how to use their body.


I have been extremely lucky to have met so many interesting people and worked with so many great horses and my adventure is far from over. I hope to spend the next years continuing my journey across the world coaching and training whilst expanding my own knowledge and skills. I look forward to teaching you all that I’m learning so you too can develop an even stronger partnership with your horse. As the most important thing is that you have trust and communication and for that we have to learn to speak their language.